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Diane Rhone: Wellness For Life - Contact Me at 804-882-2622
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Diane Rhone

Welcome to my web site and thank you for your interest in Shaklee!

I was introduced to Shaklee by a co-worker at a skin care party in 1983. I loved using the skin care and laundry products for 10 years before I considered Shaklee as a home-based business.

When I started my business, I began using Shaklee Nutrition products. After a short time on the products, I noticed a big improvement in my health. As I built my business, I was able to leave my job and make as much money working part-time as I did working full time.

I love my Shaklee business and enjoy offering everyone the gift of Shaklee. With Shaklee, you choose what you want. You can become a Member, purchase at a discount and use the products to build a healthier you AND a healthier home. You can become a Distributor, share the products with others and earn bonuses to help pay for your products. Or you can build a Shaklee business and help lots of people on their journey to good health.

Shaklee's mission is "A Healthier Life for Everyone and a Better Life for Anyone."

Browse my site and check out Shaklee! Please contact me and I'll help you find how Shaklee fits in your life.